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What's the deal with lolicon and such?

I haven’t posted anything there in a while and I’m coming back with a really strong one, I know.

Being surrounded by a lot of people who are crazy about Japanese culture, and taking part of this madness myself, I’ve seen this topic arise quite a while. And honestly there are interesting things to say about it.


First of all, I’m not going to discuss people who are sexually attracted to children, call them pedophiles or lolicons, I wouldn’t care less, those deserve jail or immediate psychological treatment and help of some sort. I want to talk about fap materials.

Immeasurable amounts of work produced in the sole purpose of stimulating one’s sexual desire are produced every day. Movies, drawings, toys, books and games mainly. The human mind has proved to be excited for stuff that breaks every morals we know of. People have sex outside, people publish videos claiming that they have “sex with their step-sister”, we have a lot of porn movies faking rape or worse. And of course, we had to have stories, anime, mangas and drawings centered around child porn.

Child sex is, and hopefully will always be, considered a crime. For the simplest of reasons. As we grow our understanding of the world increases. Some people see having sex as the purest form of showing love, others see it as a simple play. But no matter how we want to see it for ourselves, sex involves responsibility about our own body and our partner(s)’s. Sex exposes you physically and most of the time psychologically to another person completely and can impact someone’s life drastically. There’s just so much that you can’t expect a child to understand yet. Also when talking about younger children, there’s a lot of stuff in a human body that is not yet ready to engage in sexual intercourses.


So considering all that, why can some people still see excitement in children having sex?
Transgressing morals is exciting.

I don’t know much about how the human body chemically reacts when your actions are out of what you consider “morally correct”, but there’s most certainly something going on. As a kid you probably sometimes didn’t listen to your parents. Maybe you went at some place your parents forbiden you to go, maybe you skipped school without telling anyone. There are surely plenty of things that you were considering “wrong” that you did anyway. And they probably gave you some sort of excitement, akin to an adrenaline rush.

I think it’s something that applies really similarly to sexual arousement. Probably because when we are doing “wrong” things we have some sort of “excitement boost” going on. And that’s why I think fake incest videos are popular on Pornhub and we have rape porn movies. And I think that’s why we have stories and drawings sexualizing children. People like it when it’s not morally correct.

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Is it dangerous?

Maybe? To be honest exposing anyone to indecent scenarios can have negative impacts in my opinion. Some persons might be very mentally unstable and seeing too much of something might convinces them that it’s ok. It’s not only about child porn but about literally anything. I think it’s really important to take the time to understand yourself and how this stuff impacts you.

Does watching rape porn movies made you want to actually go out and rape people? Does reading lolicon books made you want to actually molest and have sex with minors? If yes and if you noticed then it’s probably time to take a breath and rethink about what are your morals and what do you consider acceptable. If not I guess you are fine? Really I think it would vary a lot from a person to another.

Seeing how many artists create lolicon artworks, I’ve been somehow forced to accept that there are people who can enjoy this stuff without becoming actual criminals. The same way that there will always be rape, bestiality, gore, and a lot of other scenarios which are objectively wrong to any human mind but still used for sexual excitement. They can most likely be dangerous if exposed to some mentally weak or deviant persons, but are also probably fine to a lot of others.

I think it’s one’s own responsibility to know when something is dangerous to yourself. If you think you might kill someone if you wears a weapon in public, then don’t. If seeing drawings of little girls raped wakes up a dormant twisted desire to commit a crime in your local elementary school, then don’t (and please block me on Twitter, you are disgusting).


I’ve been emphasizing in the whole article that this does not only apply to lolicon but also to other morally questionable kinks, like rape, bestiality, incest, and others. Because I really think they have to be understood the same way. There are so many insane scenes written, drawn and recorded on camera. Girls having sex with aliens, girls with a big penis, families having sex together, boys being sequestrated and raped. And I’m only quoting the less disturbing ones. People are enjoying those without ever wanting it to happen to them in real life. It’s just stimulating their curiousity and desire of something that they could never experience or see. Most people draws the line between a phantasm and reality. Otherwise we’d probably all be criminals.