or Shookaite, DJ SKIEL, skielred

20, developer, student

Paris, France

  • Degenerate programmer
  • Rhythm games enthusiast
  • Crazy front-end wizard
  • Bots voodoo king


I love arcade rhythm games more than I love anime girls.

Tina, 21st century.

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Posts about Linux, programming and rhythm games

Stuff I ❤:

(*) Except osu!.

Stuff I don't ❤:

(*) I am in a love-hate relationship with those technologies.

Political opinions:

Vim is better than emacs.

Your waifu is trash.

White haired smug anime girls are better than everything in the world.

SOUND VOLTEX is the new osu!.

Brain Power meme was never funny.

osu! ruins everything.

Recent Ryu☆ songs are good, some are even better than his old songs.

かめりあ x ななひら is a good duo.

東方Project isn't a good game. It only has a lot of potential waifus and is a great source for remixes.

“Ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning "I can't configure Debian".”

Unused space isn't wasted space. This website is beautiful.

White themes are easier to read even during the night.

Why are you reading this ? Don't you have more important things to do ?

Rhythm games:

  • beatmania IIDX:
    • rank: SP八段8th dan (CANNON BALLERS and GENOSIDE) DP二段2nd dan (CANNON BALLERS)
    • My setup: gamo2's FPS EMP, 27" monitor, standing setup
    • Highest clear: SP 11☆, DP 6☆
    • I like this game a lot and I want to get better and achieve kaiden.
    • rank: 剛力羅lv10 (cleared all SDVX 4 lv10 courses)
    • My setup: VIRGOO's TC+, 27" vertical monitor, standing setup
    • Highest clear: level 18
    • The gameplay is super exciting but the game is still too young to have a sufficient playlist and polished mechanics.
  • 太鼓の達人Taiko no Tatsujin:
    • My setup: custom sticks I made for arcade use , PSP, 3DS, Wii
    • Highest clear: おに 10★
    • Very easy to learn gameplay, so you can play with friends who never played rhythm games before. The songs are very great.

Please note I also have tools available for playing Groove Coaster, jubeat, pop'n music, Reflec Beat, BeatStream and Dance Dance Revolution at home. However I don't play these games much.

If you are interested in those games and living or visiting Paris: contact me, we can meet up and play rhythm games at my place! If you are not near Paris but still are interested, please contact me (preferably through Twitter but anything is fine) and ask your things!

Nerd things:

Thanks for reading all of this ♥! It makes me so happy. Now you can go back to my Twitter or whatever shit website you came from.