Tina's persona


Some rhythm games nerd

Likes stupid Japanese things

Probably gives more attention to his Linux desktop than to his girlfriend

Not funny at parties

Talks like an old person even though he is only 22


The name "Tina"

Tina Sprout from the anime of Black Bullet

The name "Tina" actually comes from "Tina Sprout" from the light novel "Black Bullet". I owned an account named tina_sprout on some French forums years ago and got used to people calling me Tina.

Since then, I decided to create my own original character called "Tina Sunglow". You can see her right above. Art was commissioned to Reiji.

"Otoge" (音ゲー) means "music game" in Japanese.



fedora logo

I love Linux. It's so satisfying and convenient to use, I don't think I will ever be able to switch to Windows as my main OS ever.

I use Fedora with a minimal install on which I added i3. My configuration, alongside a bunch of softwares recommendations and tips can be found on my Dotfiles repository.


beatmania IIDX

IIDX logo

If you ask me, IIDX is the best rhythm game, if not the best video game. Its simple yet efficient long-proven gameplay makes it a reference in the whole genre.

I started investing myself in the game during fall 2015. I'm currently 8th dan in Single Play (7 keys) and 2nd dan in Double Play (14 keys).



vim logo

Vim is the best editor there is, period. It's fun to use, it's powerful, it's blazing fast. There are no downsides to using Vim.


The name "skielred"

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card Meklord Emperor Skiel

When I started playing arcade games, I wanted a new name. It had to be able to be shortened to something that sounds nice. skielred can actually be shortened to "SKL" when I can input only 3 letters (ie. Tetris), or SKIEL when I can use a bit more letters (ie. DJ SKIEL in IIDX).

The name "skiel" actually comes from a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's archetype, there is a card named "Meklord Emperor Skiel ∞". When making rhythm games custom charts, I use "DJ SKIEL" as a nickname, the "DJ" part is a reference to beatmania IIDX. For special occasions, I sometimes used "UTOPIA MONARCH SKIEL" as a name when making charts, it references other Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.


Rhythm games

I play rhythm games a lot, mostly arcade ones. Rhythm games are satisfying. They are kind of like a sport. The more you play them, the more you improve. And you aren't really rewarded for long and intensive play sessions. To improve at rhythm games, the best way is usually to play regularly, even if you don't play that much. It really feels like a sport.

I have controllers at home to emulate the arcade feeling of various rhythm games such as beatmania IIDX, SOUND VOLTEX, Taiko no Tatsujin, pop'n music, Dance Dance Revolution, Groove Coaster, REFLEC BEAT, jubeat, BeatStream, CROSS×BEATS, I may be forgetting some lol. I play IIDX and voltex actively.



compote's avatar

Compote is my girlfriend. She is a student in web design and watches anime. She also plays Azur Lane way too much. She is somehow good at Shadowverse.

She has a Twitter at @Eymiimi. You may or may not want to reach her on Discord at Compote#3727.

She isn't actually called Compote.


I listen to music

Not surprising I guess. I listen mostly to hardcore electronic, I follow some Japanese music doujin circles. I like the works from Massive New Krew, USAO, RoughSketch. Actually I could name a lot of artists but the list would keep growing so please talk to me if you want to know more!


Yu-Gi-Oh! card game

The artwork of Madolche Magileine, a Yu-Gi-Oh! card

I play and collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The game is fun. I went to some local tournaments and even tried the regional World Championship Qualifiers! I didn't do very well though lol. Building decks is fun, also collecting can be quite pleasant since some cards actually have very cool artworks.


Anime and animation

I watch a lot of anime. I mostly watches what's currently airing. Every season I pick up from 6 to 12 shows, I usually have 2 or 3 episodes to watch everyday. It's relaxing to watch anime. I really enjoy admiring the art of animating things.

I have on account on MyAnimeList where you can see which shows I have watched on which ones I am currently watching. I don't update it after every episode, I usually update it at the start of each new season.