Hey I'm Tina !
But don't get confused, I'm a boy.

My aliases are : skielred / SKiEL, Shookaite (old, deprecated), darkerkirb (old, deprecated).

I'm a developer !

Even though I'm still a student, I started learning how to code since I was 12. Long story short, I was playing Minecraft and there was a mod for that game that allows you to script objects directly from the game. It got my attention and I started learning other languages.
I'm fluent in web front-end languages (HTML / CSS / JavaScript), but also in the common web back-end languages (PHP, MySQL, some Ruby and Python).
I did some C and Arduino at school but let's be honest, that doesn't count.

I love rhythm !

I'm totally fond of Japanese arcade action rhythm games. I'm quite open and curious but I mostly play BEMANIs and my main drugs are beatmania IIDX and SOUND VOLTEX. I love how it feels to play at an arcade center so I sometime pay a visit to Arcade Street in Paris. I happen to sometime play BMS at home or pop'n music at the arcade when I don't want to play IIDX or SDVX.
Oh and, osu! sucks. Don't play this.


I play some games on Steam, usually when I want to play something but I got enough rhythm games for the day.

For now I mostly play Counter-Strike : Global Offensive and sometimes Rocket League, I have a lot of games so I play some random stuffs from times to times.

I share my account with my brother, so if you see me playing some stupid stuff like Civilization V, it's probably not me.

Add me if you know me, I rarely accept friends request from people I don't know at all because it's often useless because we won't play together.

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I used to spend too much time on the well-known social micro-blogging platform way too misused as a classic social network instead of a micro-blogging website, also known as Twitter.

I usually tweets random stuff about what I'm enjoying on the moment (rhythm games 90% of the time), tips and infos, programming stuffs, rarely IRL stuffs, my (irrelevant) opinions on the hyped stuff of the moment (usually to say it's shit), trying to meet IRL with online people living near me (fails 100% of the time) and arguing with stupid people who have fun playing osu! and Undertale Undermeme.

There've been times I spent a lot of time being active on Twitter, but it became very rare. I still read the shit people say sometimes but I'm never «actively tweeting» now.

You may or not want to click here to go to my Twitter.


I had multiple experience on posting videos on the Internet, I played games, said things, produced stuffs, and deleted everything, again and again.

My latest YouTube channel is called «DJ SKIEL», I'm not a DJ, but in the concept of beatmania IIDX every player is a DJ, and I created this channel to post rhythm games videos, and mainly beatmania IIDX simulation videos, so I decided to name the channel as my current nickname (skielred or SKiEL) and with a "DJ" as a prefix to make it IIDX-ish.

As I said, I mainly post beatmania IIDX simulation videos, but I may post footages of other rhythm games such as Taiko no Tatsujin. I also happen to post Monster Hunter Frontier G videos because I like this game a lot.

If you want to spend some time, click there to go to my channel.


Blogging is fun, it's a «new» form of media sharing that appeared thanks to the Internet. It's easy to post about anything you want to talk about and easily reach a public and get answers. I like blogging because I think I can express myself in a more mature way than some other medias.

I run two blogs, the first one is called 8bit Prince (in reference to the song 8bit Princess from beatmania IIDX), it's supposed to be the blog where I mainly talk about my projects, but it's currently dead and I planned to code it again. The second is a WordPress blog where I write in French about rhythm games, my intend with this French blog is to help people to get into the world of rhythm games.

You can visit 8bit Prince at
And you can visit my WordPress blog at

Gaming group

I've created a gaming community group in August 2012 formerly known as «EliozEX». The group's initial goal was to produce Minecraft videos on YouTube, which is what we done at first and I have to admit it was quite fun, we also met some other persons in the process and began to appreciate playing together.

Now, the group still exists and some former members still take part into the gaming sessions we hold, but the Minecraft videos thing is totally dead. We now mostly play Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends (I personally don't), Minecraft from times to times and any multiplayer game that comes out to our mind that seems fun to us.

We're still having a lot of fun together and we keep regularly meeting on our vocal server, which you can join here : direct connection (you need TeamSpeak 3 to be installed to connect)

Rhythm games association

It's cool to enjoy playing rare rhythm games which only exist on arcade systems and that are very hard to get, but it makes it very hard to find people who share the same passion. And so I have founded in June 2016 an association for rhythm gamers in Paris and its suburbs called Make Some Noise.

My intend is to gather together as much persons as possible who like rhythm games of any kind in Ile-De-France, to hold little events like gaming parties in bars/restaurants, to do discovering events to introduce rhythm games to new people at conventions, helping people to find where and how they can play the games, and maybe some more objectives are to come, the association is still very young so I may have not realized all the possibilities.

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Current songs pack :
"kors k"